The Rider's Handbook comes from the mind of content creator, Jeff Oliphant. A practical guide for those who are pursuing their dreams in the coolest way possible!

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Here's the deal...

I'm just a man, a BLACK man if we're being specific. I was born in Miami, FL in the 80's. My family is huge, and mostly Jamaican (Yardies!), but we definitely rep for the whole Caribbean. 

As long as I can remember, I have had a passion to LEARN about new things and discover COOL sh*t! Unfortunately, life has thrown every obstacle in my way to keep me from realizing that dream. I could write BOOKS about all the hardships I've had to endure just to make it this far. In fact, I probably will if we're being honest.

In the meantime, however I'm going to put all my thirst for LIVING, and learning, and PASSION for all things MUSIC, FILM, and TELEVISION related-- And anything that I happen to feel is dope or helpful to you in this BLOG.

Why? Because I want to! Also, I think it'll HELP folks navigate through this amazing roller coaster of a ride called LIFE. Obviously, I think I offer a UNIQUE perspective that you can relate to.  Plus, I'm in LOS ANGELES now, and I've spent the past few years making dope digital content, and rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential people in Entertainment. Someone has to INFLUENCE the Influencers, right? 

All I know is that when you say that really want something, and the opportunity is within your grasp... The only thing that matters is if your down to a ride or not!


While you're here check out a web series I created with my writing partner Ricardo Ultreras called RIDER.

The series originally aired on BlackandSexyTv. Watch the trailer below: