Thank you for visiting my site. I am independent content creator based in Los Angeles, CA. I have over a decade of experience working in the entertainment industry, and helping creatives see their projects come to fruition!

Below you have the option of procuring my services, viewing original digital content on my new platform The Minority Connection, or reading the Rider’s Handbook, my blog, which was inspired by my first webseries, RIDER.




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The Minority Connection

Tired of waiting on your agent to call? I’ve been there! One day I was fed up enough to create my own platform so creatives like you and I always have a place to express ourselves. The Minority Connection was created by independent artists for independent artists to THRIVE!

The Rider’s Handbook

A fun and practical guide blog for anyone who’s trying to pursue their dreams in best way possible! I share entertainment and life tips, cool music, interesting reads, good films, and all the other necessary items you’ll need on your creative journey!